SSTEPS is an effort to:
Execute an ecosystem-led economic development strategy by working with semiconductor suppliers.

Accommodate semiconductor suppliers relocating to or expanding in California.

Support suppliers through each phase of the relocation or expansion process with customized services.

Secure the supply chain by creating logistic centers along a goods movement corridor utilizing Foreign-Trade Zones(FTZ)to minimize taxes.

Support the semiconductor supply chain by incubating talent and start-ups in chips design and technology innovation.

Create Advanced Technology Demonstration Park sites to showcase technologies that mitigate the potential environmental impacts of semiconductor manufacturing.

Access public funding options from U.S. Government and State of California.

Access private equity and pension funds to finance infrastructure development.

Work with grassroots organizations and promote community dialogue.

Create a consortium made up of governmental agencies and private entities to promote a phased methodical relocation process. The Program is multilocational and multidimensional. It captures the locational and functional advantages of each park site to launch the take-off of an efficient and integrated ecosystem. It leverages innovation synergies among and within parks to forge competitive advantages.
The Program comprehensively addresses the varied space requirements of suppliers who individually need warehouses, R&D labs, offices, and production areas. Each potential park affords the opportunity to cluster around a related activity or focus, as shown in Table below.

Services SSTEPS Conventional
Physical Accommodation YES YES
Permitting &Entitlement Support YES  NO
Relocation &Expansion Support YES  NO
Technology Incubator YES  NO
Goods Movement Corridor YES  NO
Foreign Trade Zones YES  NO
Professional Training YES  NO
Environmental Mitigation Technologies YES  NO
CHIPS Act Incentives YES  NO

What does SSTEPs offer participating communities?

The Program is transformative in that it

  • creates jobs.
  • builds designresearch,logisticscargo,foreign trade zones and technology
    facilities at various parks.
  • enhances workforce skills through training programs mandated by the CHIPS Act
    and executed by institutions of higher learning and trade unions.
  • forges economic links to the emerging semiconductor manufacturing sector in the
    Phoenix Metro Area.
  • offers a goods movement corridor, anchored by a logistics center in San
    Bernardino CA, and designed to provide a secure supply chain to semiconductor
    manufacturers in the Phoenix Metro Area.
  • Includes participants in the CHIPS Act Incentives Application:a potential funding
    source for infrastructure improvements and capital expenditures.


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